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A few Wonderful Equipment For the GoPro Motion Digicam

The GoPro HD2 is commonly considered to be the best action digicam to the market place, and it really is really hard to argue that a camera as feature-rich because the folkoutdoor.com/best-go-pro-alternative doesn’t are worthy of that accolade. Whole High definition (significant definition) 1080p recording, a super-sharp huge angle lens, a little & lightweight body and 11MP still image capabilities are just a handful of features that make this camera a certified current market leader.

Better still, there are a vast range of add-ons available that further enhance the performance and versatility of the GoPro. Listed below are 3 of the very best equipment available:

GoPro LCD BacPac

When compared to some of its competitors, one of the features that the GoPro lacks is an LCD display. While this doesn’t affect the camera’s performance, it is undoubtedly a handy addition. If an LCD screen is significant on your list priorities when looking for a digital camera, and you have your heart set on a GoPro then look no further than the LCD BacPac.

The LCD BacPac comes in the form of a detachable LCD screen, which can be attached as and when it truly is required (most commonly used for lining up shots or playing back footage). It really is modest and lightweight so adds little weight to the digital camera and has a simple one button design, making fast forwarding, fast reverse and photo playback a breeze. There’s also an integrated speaker with volume control.

GoPro 3D HERO System

It can be official – 3D is cool again. Thankfully we’ve come a long way since the days of dodgy 90s graphics and flimsy red & blue glasses but the underlying technology remains the same. However, the advancement in camera technology means that the world of 3D is now accessible to just about anyone with a couple of High definition cameras and some editing software.

The 3D Hero System allows you to combine two GoPro Hd Hero cameras into a single housing to record professional 3D footage while simultaneously recording in 2D. A synchronisation cable connects the two cameras, which enables them to capture videos and photos in perfect unison.

The package includes free 3D editing software – GoPro Cineform Studio – allowing you to convert 3D files into viewable footage with ease. It should be noted that the 3D Hero System is not compatible with the High definition Hero 960 or standard definition cameras.